yBC teams up with extreme adventurers

Fieri partners applies unique skills and experiences to business leadership and development. yBC is going to be working closely with Fieri partners, which offers business leadership and development training to companies in multiple sectors. Martin Hewitt is MD of this fast growing company.

Martin was seriously injured whilst serving with the HM Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan, his injuries paralysed his right arm and he subsequently had to leave his military career.

Martin entered the Paralympic World Championships and represented Great Britain in the Downhill Ski. He has since been asked to develop teams of injured service men to take on some extreme challenges.

He is currently working on the adaptive grand slam which aims to break four world records. Martin and a group of his similarly disabled colleagues are attempting the challenge, which involves climbing the tallest peak on each of seven continents, and reaching the north and south poles unsupported. They would be the first disabled team in history to achieve this grand slam. The team were joined on their expedition to the North Pole in 2011 by HRH Prince Harry, who has served as an Army Pilot.

In his business leadership and development work, Martin brings with him a team of highly talented sports people and adventurers with powerful stories.

yBC has started working together with Fieri partners to roll out a digital platform and numerous digital products to help Fieri’s clients, and help Fieri build its partner ecosystem in both the military and civilian worlds.