When “business as usual” no longer works … ReThink Launch Show

Over the last 10 years, we’ve produced 100s of editorial style tv shows exploring the worlds of finance, high performance, business and tech. Now our new series yBC ReThink features people who are leaping ahead of their peers, forging new pathways for the industry they are in, or even for all industries. ReThink helps their ideas get the attention they deserve. Watch the launch video to learn more.

In recent months we’ve been interviewing experts from the likes of Capgemini, BDO, The Guardian, and Schroders, as well as researchers and academics from leading universities. And later this year we will launch the first regular ReThink episodes for implementable ideas and techniques from today’s great business minds.

yBC ReThink is a 100% editorial channel, produced as part of our corporate social responsibility efforts. Given our strengths in producing documentary, explainer and animated style video and digital experiences for our clients, the ReThink series is an obvious way for us to promote sustainable business practices.