yBC symposium to elevate the conversation around important issues

yBC.tv has announced a limited series of 12 carefully produced, TV-quality virtual roundtable shows featuring leading thinkers discussing “topics that matter the most”. Following the yBC Symposium format, the shows will feature up to eight world class experts discussing “hot topics” which have a very high level of interest and relevance.

yBC’s CEO, Mark Sinclair, says that for the business, this is their core CSR activity. “We could do something to raise funds for our favourite charities, but we’ve chosen to do something more powerful with the considerable publishing and production resources we have.”

Initial symposium topics will include a focus on sustainable investing, the real opportunity fund groups have to drive social change, the complex topic of degrowth, business and tech and the world of security. Leading experts will include business leaders, expert researchers and scientists, policymakers and decision makers, academics, acclaimed commentators and disruptive entrepreneurs.

“These are topics we feel strongly about,” he said. “There are others we are working on too. For some topics, we’d go so far as saying that we feel a huge moral obligation to elevate the conversation around these issues – not just because they are interesting, but because they are important to all of us.”

The yBC research team is currently reaching out to a shortlist of symposium panellists, and the editorial team will soon confirm the initial line up for the first three symposia, and announce individual symposium topics.

yBC has 18 years of digital content development expertise spanning the UK and Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

“We’re excited,” Mark Sinclair said. “Watch this space.”

If you think yBC should focus a symposium on a particular issue, share your hot topic idea with us, and we’d be delighted to receive suggestions for symposium panelists. Get in touch via our contact page, or email us.