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What should you do when “business as usual” no longer works?

Simple. You should take from others.

Not in the literal sense – we’re not advocating crime. But in the figurative sense. Look around you, find others who have succeeded in other industries, listen to what they have to say, and learn.

While the challenges you face today may be new, it doesn’t follow that the answers all need to be newly “discovered”.  Indeed, some of the inspiration for new ways of working may be much closer than you think. At times like this, the key is to start by looking outside your industry.

But what are you looking for? Innovation and inspiration. New tools and methodologies. Catalysts for change. Different perspectives. Solutions you wouldn’t otherwise have explored. Experiences others have had but which you can learn from. Questions you wouldn’t normally ask yourself. Stories which spark ideas. At around 100 pages, ReThink is an easy read, covering 25 of our favourite interview encounters since 2005.

Personalities like Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson, rugby legend Sir Clive Woodward, business celebrity Sir Richard Branson, and co-founder of the Eden Project, Tim Smit. We recall building VR content for a financial services company in the Austrian Alps and standing on the edge of a disused clay pit discussing the impossible with the founder of the Eden Project.  We talk to academics, commentators, entrepreneurs, scientists, military officers and olympians.

These are the interviewees who have inspired, delighted, informed and entertained us. We hope they do the same for you.

Download the book below, or click straight through to a selection of interview clips from each chapter.

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“Surviving this significantly changed business landscape is more about adapting multiple innovations from the wider business world as they emerge. You can be like a chef, taking various ingredients to concoct a new recipe. ”