Towards the light

How organisations can engage audiences like a nimble media organisation in a socially distanced world

A lean, high performance content and storytelling capability for the COVID-19 era

For the last 15 years, we’ve been working with companies to help them strengthen relationships with the people who matter the most to them. We’ve been getting incredible results for our clients, which translates into measurable business outcomes. We’re often told that the outcomes “exceed expectations”, which is gratifying.

Suddenly in the COVID-19 era our unique story capture capability is even more relevant for businesses under pressure.

Now is not the time for cumbersome content campaigns with long lead times.  Your content creation and publishing needs to be lean and fast when the context is changing as rapidly as every few days.

And with the shutdown of events, workplaces and gatherings, everything needs to be as virtual or light as possible for a time of social  distancing.

Sabio brings you the capability to capture your stories fast, and publish them more like a media organisation – regularly, and in the most popular formats.

We’ve been doing this with clients from a wide range of industries – mostly quite sizeable companies, and many of them well known names. Like AXA, HSBC, Hilton and Deloitte. We’ve been working closely with academics from London School of Economics, Oxford University and UCL. We’ve also worked with dozens of very well known people including Lord Seb Coe, Lawrence Dallaglio, British politician and TV personality Ed Balls and a range of elite sportspeople across various codes. (You can check out our case studies here).

The content we produce for companies is modelled on the very best consumer content. Because after all it is the hot big budget producers who set the standards for what we all watch in our private lives.

One leading financial services provider even adopted the video documentary series we produced for them as their video standard for all future productions.

In recent years marketing departments have adopted Content Marketing as a core strategy. Businesses recognised the need to act like more and more like media companies – engaging and developing audiences with great story telling so they feel positive towards the brand.

Suddenly in early 2020 the world changed.

Now you need to maintain engagement and loyalty, plus drive whatever sales you sill can in times of crisis.  You also need to communicate very differently.

This means moving fast, on reduced budgets, and doing everything in an era of social distancing and home working.

Digital content just got even more important – but not on the usual timelines and workflows, by which time messages could be out of date.

“…In order to build brand affinity – and therefore create a well-loved, notable brand – businesses should create binge-worthy, long-form content that adds value to viewers’ lives and doesn’t just push them towards the next stage in the funnel."…”

Bingeable "edutainment"

Sabio brings you best in class content - TV, Politics, Sports, Netflix -
to create 'bingeable edutainment' that builds trust and relevance.

The payoff of long form, multi-episodic content

By adopting the hottest consumer style experiences, combined with best practices from business, sports, professional and financial news, we create digital publication that audiences truly wante to explore, engage with and enjoy.

Core elements include

  • Rapid capture of the core story in TV style video interviews, podcasts or web interviews
  • Editing into structured releases with multiple viewpoints in a single “channel”
  • Delivery of supporting content like articles or blog posts
  • Independent, editorial viewpoints to build credibility
  • Celebrity content from inside our outside your industry
  • Client reviews
  • Data journalism, via animated graphics
  • Multiple visual formats – so that different personality types can access the same content
  • Embedded integrations – to include bespoke functionality, fast

…. and all of this delivered via a high end digital experience platform.

We get that corporate content budgets can’t pay Hollywood prices. That is where our Sabio solution delivers you the latest consumer experiences without the bespoke price tag. To see how this looks check out two of our success stories below:


Professional audiences are used to a world that is fully digital, mobile, customised and entertaining. They expect the Netflix experience.