Scalable fintech training platform
for global financial giant AXA

High impact CPD training for large financial adviser community builds stakeholder engagement in Europe

Delivering education to build relevance and trust, and strengthen relationships.

Like all asset managers in a market crowded with investment opportunities, AXA IM always seeks ways to leverage technology to build relevance and trust with the professional investment community.

AXA IM identified the opportunity to launch an e-learning platform to help advisers learn about key investment challenges, and instructed to deliver both the platform and digital education content.

The platform enables key stakeholders to deliver accredited CPD training to independent financial advisers across the UK and Italy, with the ability for AXA to roll the training out seamlessly in dozens of other languages.  The solution can be easily scaled up to cope with tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of users.

In the ever competitive asset management space, the big global brands are always looking for new ways to build relevance and trust with independent financial advisers (IFAs).

The rapidly growing number of apps and online services known as “fintech” are all about delivering personalised investment experiences to individuals and opening up sophisticated advice.

In one such initiative, the team has worked with AXA IM (part of the AXA group) to build and deliver a world class, cloud based, fully bespoke, scalable training platform which is now being used by Asset Managers in the UK and Italy.

Fintech is emerging technology that competes with traditional methods in the delivery and marketing of financial services.


Fintech builds relationships

“Consumerisation of previously inaccessible tech enables companies like AXA to roll out sophisticated platforms to engage their markets, swiftly and affordably.” - James Kirk

High performance content for a socially distanced era

In a socially distanced world, it is more important than ever that organisations engage their audiences like a nimble media organisation with lean, high performance platforms and content.

Launched in 2019, the AXA IM platform was already an innovative and fully scalable way to build relevance and trust in the highly competitive investment industry.

Suddenly in the COVID-19 era’s unique ability to publish content fast on consumerised platforms is even more relevant for businesses under pressure.

With the shutdown of events, workplaces and gatherings, everything needs to be as virtual or light as possible for a time of social  distancing. Now is not the time for cumbersome campaigns with long lead times.

We’ve been doing this with clients from a wide range of industries – mostly quite sizeable companies, and many of them well known names. Like AXA, HSBC, Hilton and Deloitte. We’ve been working closely with academics from London School of Economics, Oxford University and UCL. We’ve also worked with dozens of very well known people including Lord Seb Coe, Lawrence Dallaglio, British politician and TV personality Ed Balls and a range of elite sportspeople across various codes. (You can check out our case studies here).

We get that current corporate content budgets can’t pay big prices. That is where our Sabio solution delivers you the latest consumer experiences without the bespoke price tag. To see how this looks check out two of our success stories below:

In the COVID-19 era, the capability to engage like a media organisation is more important then ever.