James Kirk / Head of Production & Platforms (Christchurch)

James Kirk James is responsible for the strategic focus of the company, including platform innovation and new product development. He is also responsible for overseeing all technical production and creative content for clients’ marketing needs. James leads the writing, digital production and platform development teams, and has extensive experience in storytelling, creative and technical areas.

Mark Sinclair / Founder & Commercial Lead. (UK & Wanaka)

Mark founded yBC to deliver no-nonsense business advice through video and social platforms back in 2005. The business has since morphed and expanded, and yBC now delivers digital platforms and content globally. Mark is responsible for the commercial & consultancy side of the business, delivering on key client accounts. He draws from decades of marketing and business development experience and uses his expertise to deliver on a wide range of marketing projects for clients of all different sizes.

György Ádám / Creative Director. (Budapest)

György Ádám (George) produces creative treatments for yBC video content; his advanced understanding of the medium allows us to translate and enhance client ideas and visions in exciting, high performing videos. He is an expert at animation, a format that has proved immensely valuable in bringing stories and ideas to life. We have produce a number of videos that are 100% animation as well as using animation as a compliment to live action video.  George leads our digital editing team and often directs our more complex shoots.

Filip Jovicic / Filip Jovicic, Digital Production Manager. (Auckland)

Filip project manages all client projects within the business to bring our video production and digital platform projects to life. He is a first point of contact for many clients and works with them to understand and action their needs and requirements. Filip briefs team members, ensures a good flow of communication, and keep projects moving forward to schedule.

Dale Stevenson / Head of Digital Platform Development. (Auckland)

In a fast changing digitally networked age, the right digital platforms are paramount in connecting business to engaged consumers. Dale is the digital architect for the websites, digital platforms and engagement tools our clients need to anchor their digital media strategies. He ensures that we can integrate our platforms with analytical tools and web apps suitable to clients’ requirements.

Camera Operators / (London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Wellington - plus elsewhere on demand)

The video content recorded by our Camera Ops, including Miles Stowey, Ryan Blackwood, Rich Peart, Tom Mansfield, George Laycock is integral to the work that yBC does. The team have filmed breath-taking footage in outstanding locations including New York, Singapore and London. Our flexible and professional team are experienced at filming business conferences, and interviews. They constantly find original ways to capture scenes and keep our content fresh. Our team also work in studio sets, using green screens and props to create any scene a client needs. We can provide Camera Operators with the right skill sets,

Digital and Web Development Team / (Auckland & Europe)

Our experienced development team led by Dale Stevenson produce engagement platforms and websites and assist with maintaining and supporting them. The digital platforms that the team produce are highly customised to client's needs, allowing the best possible presentation of existing content and allowing clients to easily update and add new content. The team's work reflects the changing needs of the digital consumer ensuring accessibility and ease of use on all platforms. They are excellent problem solvers and can build the right solutions for clients, producing websites of all sizes from simple but effective landing pages to complex multi-layered sites for international organisations.

Laura Shepherd / Graphic Designer. (Bristol)

Laura is our longest standing graphic designer, and has worked with the majority of yBC clients. Laura has significant strength in most digital formats, and has a keen eye for a positive design aesthetic. Laura has also spent significant time working on physical design formats, which sometimes come into play with our projects.

Graphic Design Team. / (London, Europe, Christchurch, Wanaka)

Design is the first step in bringing new value to our clients through digital marketing strategies. Currently comprised of four members with excellent combined experience and expertise, the team is vital in relating ideas to clients, connecting with audiences, and in producing digital platforms that capture attention and work effectively. The graphics team can work within existing company style guides or create identities from scratch to suitably reflect the business. The work of the design team ranges from animated visuals, identities and logos, new website designs, campaign visuals and infographics.

Research and Buyer Persona Triangulation / (London and New Zealand)

As we have developed our proprietary processes over the last 20 years, it has become increasingly clear that our clients can't always rely on industry data, off-the-shelf market research or marketing databases. Our Buyer Persona Triangulation process has become a key element of our offering, and has produced excellent results for our clients. We have our own team of researchers and data analysts who feed quality information and data into this process, to ensure that we get the best possible results.