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Engage, create & collaborate

in the networked economy

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Engage, create & collaborate

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yBC helps industry bodies and market leaders adapt to a networked economy where fundamental business assumptions are changing fast. Our industry engagement platforms use a 5 step process to bridge the technology gap to clients, consumers, allies and stakeholders. As the value of centralised marketing approaches decline, flexible industry engagement platforms help you to organise your market networks and collaborate with allies, customers and stakeholders in valuable ways.

Industry Engagement platforms help you to energise audiences, grow stakeholder networks, deliver digital products, and measure success in realtime.

Whether you are a global enterprise, industry body, or business consultancy, a successful business development strategy depends on engaging your audiences via digital. Engagement platforms can be used to build your sales, take product digital, increased web traffic, or build your social networks, reputation or following.

Business Development Strategy for the Connected Economy

yBC’s industry engagement platforms often include developing editorial-style business tv shows and distributing them online. A YouTube partner, since 2007 we have produced over 10,000 videos for leading brands and experts. We own and operate multiple digital engagement platforms (see examples of platforms. We also operate as a digital marketing agency, producing and distributing Digital PR content for clients on a fee paying basis.

Case Studies

james chappel 275

20+ websites for global consultancy

Horwath HTL's previous website was clearly not delivering what their global network of offices needed, meaning that their marketing wasn’t always joined...

Digital video campaigns drive 64% YoY traffic growth

For many years we have delivered digital video campaigns for this B2b consultancy and measured the performance year on year. The dashboard below shows...
Dr Nikki Williams

Energy Industry Channel for Australia

After sharing a stage together in Bangkok last October, Mark Sinclair and Dr Nikki Williams of the Australian Coal Association got talking. Mark had been...
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