Can Investors ‘Fix the World?’ New series takes an in-depth look

With over 100 trillion US dollars of Assets under management globally, Asset Managers control more levers for change than any other industry… can they “Fix the world”? Our new series trailer has dropped …

Asset managers have a lot of power to direct investment towards the innovative tech, the ideas and the people that can make a difference on issues like climate, inequality, sustainability and governance – shaping and leading the investment community from big professional institutions all the way down to individual private investors

yBC’s editorial team is hard at work on a new ReThink series, due to launch in 2023. ReThink : Investing will focus, as the name suggests, on the world of investment. Can the investment community, which has previously focussed largely on the quantum and reliability of returns for investors, now truly factor in real and effective ESG considerations? Taking this a step further, is it possible that the investment community, with trillions of dollars of assets under management, can be a driver of the change the world needs to see?

Watch this space for more news about ReThink: Investing in the coming months.