Business development through digital disruption

The way companies and professionals undertake business development and prospecting for new clients is changing. For those in a B2C environment there is a major technological and demographic shift to adapt to. When it comes to professionals, and those in a B2B environment, the way we go about business development is being transformed by the
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Rise of the Consumer Web

The rise of social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter means this is the age of consumer web based relationships. They not only change the way we interact between one another, but they are disrupting and changing whole sectors, from marketing to FMCG to the media. These information flows generate exponential amounts of unstructured
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New Opportunities In New Information Flows

With so many conversations going on in social networks and on blogs companies are having a hard time keeping up with the new information flows. Doing this will become key to using big data tools effectively, and marketing to your customers better than the competition. We have three experts in the changing nature of information
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Digital disruption and the future of retail

We hear so much about the digital disruption of sectors, industries and business models. The digital transformation even provided the catalyst for the Arab Spring, the biggest political upheaval in the middle mast in a generation. So why is retail so unaffected? We have interviewed some digital experts who expect the digital disruption to hit
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Citizen M hotels save 40% building new London, NY hotels

Michael Levie, Founding Partner of Citizen M Hotels, speaks to Digital Transformation about the transformation he has seen in the hospitality market and in the construction of hotels. Michael explains that his company saves approximately 40% on costs with a clever way of constructing rooms offsite.   /**/ This new way of constructing hotels, he
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LinkedIn: Why your profile is probably boring…

James Potter on the power of a good LinkedIn profile

Unstructured data – the next challenge

Gayle Sheppard, of Saffron Technology, on unstructured data being a place of opportunity for organisations.

Social Media ROI – How social is saving money at Cisco

LaSandra Brill, of Cisco speaks about Social Media ROI

Martha Lane Fox – Digital is the key to survival

I believe very deeply that the opportunity that digital technologies afford you will give you more robust ability to survive. Matha Lane Fox – UK Digital Champion   /*<![CDATA[*/ wistiaEmbed = Wistia.embed("b88d7cd127", { videoWidth: "540", videoHeight: "304", controlsVisibleOnLoad: true }); /*]]*/ According to Martha Lane Fox, there are more ways to be more connected important
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How social is saving money at Cisco

Senior manager of global social media explains how her company is saving via social marketing.