Advanced data analytics amidst the Cambrian Explosion of data

Advanced data analytics is set to drive the way we navigate this world of digital transformation. The Big Data explosion is comparable to the Cambrian Explosion, which resulted in the creation of all life on earth. Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google in Think Quarterly pointed out that ‘between the dawn of civilisation and 2003,
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Why Google came knocking

John Paleomylites on the reasons why Google approached him to buy his business.

Social Media: broadcast vs. engagement

Guy Rigby, on the change from broadcast marketing to marketing which engages the audience.

Digital Revolution – Technology replacing professionals in 10 years

Graeme Codrington on a Digital Revolution effecting every industry.

Big data – Today’s data challenge is management not capture

James Parker, of GSK, on the next challenge with big data.

Facebook Bank: The Bank of Facebook

Adam Morallee, of Mishcon de Reya on the Facebook Bank.

Digital Transformation – Measuring Digital Transformation

Markus Becker of SPS International speaks about measuring Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing – Marketing prowess makes UK world leader

John Paleomylites, Founder of, speaks to yBC about the UK having the most effective and developed marketing industry, and more specifically in digital marketing. London is a mine of talent that businesses can draw on to benefit them.   /**/ Digital marketing is now a formidable part of any businesses marketing strategy. Online has
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B2B Marketing – Why nonsense is the answer

Tim Washer from Cisco speaks about the need for nonsense in B2B Marketing.

Corporate Social Media – CEOs suffer from social paralysis

Thomas Power, Chairman of the social network talks to Digital Transformation TV about corporate social media. How are the CEOs and executives of organisations getting their heads around the new frontier of online social networking? The large corporate business want thing automated, but this can’t happen with engagement. It has got to be grown
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