Giving it the full “Dragon’s Den” treatment

We like to help clients to differentiate their content wherever possible, as this is one of the ways in which you are more likely to get higher levels of attention than your competitors. We were given the challenge of finding a venue which was “something different” for a round table discussion being conducted by Aberdeen Standard Investments.

We looked at a number of venues, but the challenge with many of them was that in a video it is very hard to interpret the venue as anything other than a “standard” corporate venue. That was until we came up with the idea of filming in the Dragon’s Den studio.

Those familiar with the British reality T.V. series, “Dragon’s Den”, where entrepreneurs with great ideas pitch their product or concept to five successful business people, will also be familiar with the iconic brick studio location for that series. We took our clients to that location and shot the video sequences for the round table video in that studio.

The resulting video is something which you would not know is from financial services until you actually start listening to the content. The location, look, and feel have all been described as very refreshing in an industry which often finds it difficult to break away from the standard board-room norms.

The round table video has been a hit and we’re looking forward to coming up with the next great location to film in.