Leverage your experts to build brand, demand

Is thought leadership key to your marketing strategy? Are your thought leaders ambitious but time poor?

Our experience working with some of the biggest names in business confirms that publishing intelligent, independent, video content into business networks generating massive visibility – much more than traditional models. And conveniently, the format means in house experts don’t need to spend hours writing articles, blogging or developing presentations. It’s as simple as showing up and answering the questions.

The global trend towards online communities and information seeking is tailor-made for organisations that trade in intellectual capital and need opportunities to showcase individuals’ expertise. The internet and professional communities are a beacon for people researching services and seeking a better understanding of business issues. The thirst for information means there is no shortage of opportunities to demonstrate insight and experience, and the video format is quick and easy to watch, either on a computer or mobile device.

A recent Marketing Sherpa case study speaks volumes about the attractiveness of video. It told of a technology company that repackaged a white paper as a video ebook. The video ebook generated 8 times as many views as the original whitepaper.

So while breakfast presentations and commentary articles will always have a place, it doesn’t have the convenience or leverageability of a three minute video that you could email to clients, post on LinkedIn, YouTube, the company website and more.

Whether your goal is to inform, teach, convince or persuade, the evidence is that high quality editorial, paired with an intelligent distribution strategy, is a cost effective, highly engaging way to deliver the right message to the right people.

Unlike traditional media, which requires an investment in airtime, the cost of online video is simply production and perhaps time to manage the online distribution. In other words it’s what PR people have been doing for decades – placing quality editorial into influential media that are relevant to their target audience without the cost of a media buy. The difference is that we are doing it online. And it works. Just recently a yBC video achieved 12,000 views and led directly to an eight figure opportunity.

If you haven’t already added video to your repertoire, stories like this mean people will soon be asking why.