World class content marketing for financial services.

Your prospects, customers and stakeholders don’t stop being sophisticated media consumers when they come to work.

Indeed news outlets like BBC Business, the FT or Bloomberg set the expectation for engaging financial programming. Yet so much corporate content has failed to meet those expectations.

This is partly because in the past, anything akin to large scale consumer campaigns, high end TV content or sophisticated digital campaigns were unaffordable. But advances in technology have changed both what is possible, and what it costs.

FinPix combines the power of high end video content creation with digital platforms and powerful analytics – to meet the increasing demands of a consumerised world. You can access all of this from your existing budget, and get better results than ever before.

And we do it inside typical corporate budgets.

As financial publishing specialists – the team at Last Word were one of the first to see the need for the adoption of digital content marketing campaigns in the industry. And with the trend being the convergence of digital and TV (as the most popular digital content type), they saw that content marketing needs to be based around digital video.

So FinPix was born, bringing much needed outside expertise in TV production and digital engagement platforms to the Financial Services industry.