Greame Codrington

Recreating Tomorrow, Today

Tomorrow Today is a global consultancy helping blue chips prepare for mega trends that are changing the world . For nearly ten years they have been thrilling audiences in more than fifty countries with their business-focused research and insights in to the future world of work. yBC was retained by Tomorrow Today to revamp their web presence, develop video content and build an engaging digital channel around the Connected Economy.

Here is what Graeme Codrington has to say about why they chose to work with yBC.

What they said

“It was only when we met YBC and we met Mark and his team that we understood how people were really consuming video. So when we knew people wanted video, this is the way that people get their information, it’s more personal, it’s more connected, it’s more engaged, you get the emotion coming through that you don’t get in a tweet or a blog.”
Graeme Codrington, Futurist, TomorrowToday