Seeking presenters for online shows

The yBC team is seeking presenters for an upcoming series of our ReThink shows and other content for the web.

Key requirements:

  • Must have a British accent (incl. any regional UK accent)
  • Articulate and confident
  • Based in or near Wanaka, New Zealand will be a huge advantage
  • Good availability for video/audio capture (up to half a day at a time)
  • A background in or passion for any of the following would be a bonus: performance, journalism, advocacy, speech
  • Previous experience as voice or video talent would be an advantage, but is not required

We’re producing new episodes for some of our series including ReThink, and we’re changing our format a little. We therefore need a selection of “presenters” who will take the role of journalist/host/narrator for various shows in our series. While all of our interviews are unscripted, all of your parts will be scripted, and your ability to deliver these confidently (either by heart, or reading) will be key. You will be recorded in part on video and in part as a voiceover.

If you are interested, shoot a very short intro about yourself on your phone to capture our attention, let us hear your accent and convey your confidence and tone to us. Just explain who you are, where you are based, and why you are interested.

If successful, we’ll sign you on as a contractor, and you’ll receive a set, flat fee for your work each time you work for us. It is likely that the demand for this work will grow, and there may be other (non-presenter) opportunities also.

Send submissions to [email protected]