Strategic sales team supported by yBC for multi hundred million dollar deal

A team of business development specialists at yBC has just come off “high alert” after delivering a key piece of work to a pen-European client.  Our client, an outsourcing and technology business, has been in the midst of pitch to a global financial services leader.  The pitch took place earlier this week in the three major cities on three continents, and the yBC team was pivotal in preparing and delivering a high impact information tool which was used to deliver key information to our client’s prospects immediately following the meeting.

Using yBC’s 1:1 online video engagement technology and platform, our clients are now tracking the progress of this key information as it circulates through the prospect’s organisation.  The CEO of our client organisation has commented that the intelligence of this dynamic platform adds significantly to their ability to have impact when it really counts.

Which is a good thing, as the deal is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.