A fresh taste of BlackBerry

You'd be surprised to know what a smartphone like this is capable of ...

It’s five days since I got back from interviewing around 20 of Europe’s best BlackBerry app developers. Exciting is the only word I can think of to describe the ways they are putting BlackBerry to work – everything from mobile policing to e-government to production management.

The people I spoke to were finalists in the BlackBerry Innovation Awards, which recognise outstanding solution development by BlackBerry’s partners across Europe. It was interesting to get these people’s perspectives on where apps are heading, and get a much better understanding of data security advantages of the BlackBerry platform.

While many of us find life unimaginable without our smartphones, it’s clear that our dependence is only going to deepen in the years to come.

We’ll be bringing out the shows that came from our BlackBerry interviews over the next couple of months.  Watch this space.