An Aviva believer

It didn’t take long for Aviva’s newest recruit [soon to be their CEO for the substantial UK business] to win us over.

Trevor Matthews is an experienced businessman who understands the global financial services markets better than most, having led a handful of impressive organizations in Australia, North America and the UK over the last two decades.  He’s also an incredibly pleasant man, and it’s instantly apparent why this combination of technical skill and relationship mastery makes him an effective business leader.

We interviewed Trevor as part of a series of interviews conducted in London recently for the Financial Planning Channel, soon to be launched in conjunction with the Institute of Financial Planning.  While Trevor offered a great deal of insight into the financial advisory industry, we also learned a great deal about his leadership style and some of the secrets to his success.  Very interesting stuff for anyone looking to innovate and drive performance in a challenging environment.  And clearly, great news for anyone who works at Aviva.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements about the Financial Planning Channel.