Back to the future with Swiss Post International

I am on the train to Geneva airport from Bern, and the scenery is beautiful. Like a good New Zealander I am a sucker for dramatic landscapes. It’s a good opportunity to catch my breath after a fascinating two days working on videos for Swiss Post International’s executives.

We’ve been shooting a video that’s involved some enlightening interviews with a handful of regional CEOs about where the company is heading, combined with research to find visuals to reflect it’s past. It’s actually been a perfect example of the old saying ‘everything’s different, but everything’s the same.”

Viewed on a timeline Swiss Post International’s current focus is in fact just an evolution of what they’ve been doing all along – moving information from A to B using the tools available. It’s just that now they are a lot more sophisticated than they were back in the days of mighty horse and cart.

Working on this project has been an excellent lesson in how a brand can embrace the new while remaining coherent and true to its roots.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Swiss Post Museum, take a look here.

For companies that have the luxury of an archive this stuff is gold for people like me who are looking to tell interesting stories that engage customers and help them understand brands better.