Blackberry partners share their stories

This week, the yBC editorial team reaches a milestone in relation to a project launched earlier in the year in conjunction with the company behind Blackberry, Research in Motion.  yBC has interviewed more than 20 of Blackberry’s award winning partners (those companies which develop technology on the Blackberry platform to help businesses in almost every industry), and will soon start sharing those stories with business people right throughout Europe.

BlackBerry's new PlayBook (photo:

Blackberry had some “interesting” moments recently, but also launched its own tablet offering earlier this year.  What the yBC team has discovered during this project is that there are some incredible stories of projects which Blackberry partners have implemented on the Blackberry platform leading to exceptional business results.  They include projects with international airports, car manufacturing plants, huge construction companies, city councils of the some the worlds largest cities, and more.  And many with very surprising results and incredible ROI.

Over the next few weeks, the yBC team will be publishing some of these stories.