Bugherd for wordpress websites: ‘On the page’ bug reporting & project collaboration for website clients.

With nearly 40 wordpress websites built in the last 12 months, including complex multisite networks, efficient maintenance has become a critical daily function at yourBusinessChannel.

For some time we’ve been evaluating ways to streamline issue reporting for our clients wordpress websites, and especially to eliminate all those back and forth emails.

Bugherd is a new innovation which allows our clients to report issues immediately on the webpage they are viewing, without needing to provide any technical information.

No more emails or screenshots!

Just ‘pin’ what’s broken and write a short note. Bugherd automatically records all the geeky stuff like what browser and computer you are using, what page you are looking at, and it can even take a snap shot. The error is delivered straight in to our support queue where it can be assigned to the right team member.

Importantly there is no need to do a followup email to see if its been fixed yet. You get updated as the issue is addressed, and all issues are saved in an archive.

Bugherd is also great to tap the power of crowd sourcing. You can allow visitors to easily report issues or make suggestions directly onsite.

How does Bugherd work to report issues on wordpress websites?


Bugherd is now part of the functionality of all our wordpress websites. It can be made available to select team members, or the general public. You choose!

1. To report a bug simply click this arrow. (Depending on the set up you choose above you might need to be logged in to wordpress),

2. Bugherd will prompt you to place a pin on the issue, and to make a short comment.


3. Then click to ‘Create task’ to send the issue to our team.

That’s it!

The issue goes straight into our queue where it can be resolved immediately or sent to our developer for more detailed consideration.

For more information, check out this video from the team at Bugherd.