Business doesn’t get more intelligent than this

It seems that all of a sudden key decision makers and analysts in the corporate world are focusing more than ever before on something called “big data”.  To the uninitiated, it’s the industry of very clever, very technical and experienced people who are concerning themselves with how large enterprises can make the most sense of the increasing masses of data that they produce in the course of their business.  This is transformational stuff.

It’s clear that most organisations (in almost every industry) currently only utilise an embarrassingly small slice of the data they have access to.  Yet they rely on data to run their organisation efficiently, make the right decisions and to make revenue.  And this is precisely the opportunity gap which the business intelligence industry is focusing on.

yourBusinessChannel is in the process of developing a first round of content for Business Intelligence TV, a channel which we are launching over the next few months.  Initial interviewees include some of the most recognisable brands in the business world (including SAP), as well as experts in the business intelligence space such as Saffron Technology, who are making waves (more like Tsunamis).

What has taken us by surprise is the significant advancements of business intelligence which have either taken place recently or are taking place right now.  Advancements which are going to lead to transformational leaps by the world’s most innovative businesses in a broad range of industries.  This is certainly a space which business leaders should be keeping a close eye on over the coming months.