(Digital) David vs Goliath – how digital networks are redefining business development strategies

Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital So, we never forget that innovation is really about economics, it’s not about technology. And people will get really wrapped up about, it’s disruptive technology, but it’s technology. It’s really about economics and incentives, everything in life. And so you have to look at that and you have to
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Branson: Embrace digital transformation

Sir Richard Branson on the importance of digital

Martha Lane Fox – Digital is the key to survival

I believe very deeply that the opportunity that digital technologies afford you will give you more robust ability to survive. Matha Lane Fox – UK Digital Champion   /*<![CDATA[*/ wistiaEmbed = Wistia.embed("b88d7cd127", { videoWidth: "540", videoHeight: "304", controlsVisibleOnLoad: true }); /*]]*/ According to Martha Lane Fox, there are more ways to be more connected important
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High Tech Lynch mob: Social media plays judge and jury

With social media, fans now hold the power over personalities and brands. And whether in sports, consumer or politics, the shift from high tech bandwagon to high tech lynch mob can be all too swift. How can brands and companies fight back? Louis Gray, product marketing manager, Google+ We’re in a new era of communication
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IBM – Midmarket CIO’s rush to analytics and mobile

83% of midmarket CIOs are now looking to invest in analytics and 72% are looking to adopt mobile solutions.

The holistic opportunity

Breaking down silos and transforming into “intelligent” organisations.

Ignoring the conversation is 1950’s thinking

Marketing legend explains role of social media

The knowledge business

How are some of the world biggest brands approaching the digital opportunity?

Experience management using natural intelligence

Natural intelligence solves problems by drawing on stored experience to make decisions.

What it takes

Manage cultural aspects of the change process