Social Media ROI – Making profits from digital conversation flows

Keith Holdt, of Swiss Post Solutions discusses Social Media ROI

Big data – Today’s data challenge is management not capture

James Parker, of GSK, on the next challenge with big data.

New Marketing: social media vs. traditional marketing

Stan Rapp of Enguage speaks about the new marketing methods vs. traditional marketing methods.

Unstructured data – the next challenge

Gayle Sheppard, of Saffron Technology, on unstructured data being a place of opportunity for organisations.

Embracing New Media – Malmaison and HDV embrace new media marketing

Robert Cook, former CEO of Hotel du Vin and Malmaison on staying current with new media channels.

Business Intelligence – Why we need intelligent systems

Business Intelligence insight from Saffron Technology founder Manny Aparicio

Unstructured data – what are businesses doing about it?

Keith Holdt, Head of Global Sales at Swiss Post, speaks about how to harness unstructured data.

Data Analytics – The demise of traditional market segmentation

Manny Aparicio, co-founder and CEO at Saffron Technology, speaks about big data analytics and the new type of customer segmentation.

IBM – Midmarket CIO’s rush to analytics and mobile

83% of midmarket CIOs are now looking to invest in analytics and 72% are looking to adopt mobile solutions.

Realtime data for the front line

Gayle Sheppard explains how complex technology helps staff make decisions in real time