Putting diversity, equity and inclusion front and centre

yBC has been confirmed as the content development partner for a specialist DE&I portal which will launch in summer 2024 (Northern Hemisphere). The portal is being developed in conjunction with London based recruitment and staffing firm SuperStars, and will span the UK, Europe, North America and Oceania. It will include interviews with global experts with
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Global hospitality research project will uncover new insights

A joint project between yBC and global hospitality, tourism and leisure consulting giant Horwath HTL will lead to new insights for hotel owners, operators and investors around the world. The project will result in significant industry information being made available for the first time, with end users being able to query and manipulate data for
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Video follow buttons and inline Twitter plays added to business tv platform

Business TV platform deploys new Twitter integrations for follow and inline viewing

Google goes social: Business TV shows explore Frontier of social business strategy

Since the launch of Google+ there has been all kinds of uniformed comment about Google’s social business strategy.

A Facebook first with inmidtown – social marketing for Facebook company pages

We have been working on something pretty exciting here at yourBusinessChannel, involving social marketing for Facebook company pages. Due to client confidentiality we have been sworn to secrecy until now. With the Business Improvement District ‘inmidtown‘, we have recently produced the longest known Facebook timeline in the world for their new brand GoToMidtown At one
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yBC speaking at the On The Edge Digital conference in London

I was pleased to be invited to speak at the inaugural On The Edge Digital conference in London on the 21st June at the Congress Centre. My talk was on “Video – How to harness video to gain serious competitive advantage in any market,” which we know a little something about here at yBC. I was
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Social media study 2012: brand websites losing out to social

Global media powerhouse Universal McCann have been undertaking and publishing a major international social media study 2012 documenting web behaviours, preferences and trends over the last few years.  We’ve shared the results of previous iterations of the social media study which have highlighted things like the meteoric rise of social media and that video is
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The content marketing explosion [Infographic]

The very talented team at BlueGlass created an infographic this month which pulls together some of the most up-to-date and salient facts, data and trends in content marketing.  If you need to get your head around what is happening in this area (which of course we all do), just take a look at this great
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Leading industry analyst: spend more on engaging video, less on print, advertising, PR

There is certainly no lack of evidence and analysis which points to content and publishing, and particularly engaging video, as crucially important in the marketing mix in 2012.  In fact, many commentators are saying that brands must “be a publisher” to stand out and even to grow, and that engaging video is key to this.
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Google+, Google Ripples, and Business Video

How Google Ripple illustrates the spread of business video via business networks