Editorial team research Security TV

Editorial team begins research phase for Security TV

Last week, the editorial research team at yBC began outreach to potential interviewees for our latest online series, Security TV. The team is initially focussing on interviews with organisations in three industries, as well as the usual approach of connecting with academics, commentators and others who span multiple industries. Interviews are slated to begin as early as mid March, and will continue throughout 2022.

Security TV will focus on a wide range of issues, solutions and realities which organisations face, around the broad topic of “security”. The series recognises the huge speed with which most organisations have experienced change in almost every aspect of their operation – from how people work to communications channels and even where work is done. With that change comes the need to be flexible, nimble and competitive – whilst also ensuring that the right “controls” are in place.

There is a huge range of topics to cover, and those covered by the series will include (but certainly not be limited to):

  • The hottest security trends in various markets
  • Securing physical assets across large geographies and varied markets
  • Trends in digital security and cyber-security
  • Advances in technology
  • Devolution of centralised models of working and production, and security related impacts
  • Geo-political challenges in an ever-connected world
  • The challenges of scale
  • The democratisation of previously expensive and inaccessible solutions
  • … and much more

The first Security TV shows are expected to launch in March 2022, with a regular schedule of shows throughout the rest of the year, and beyond.

Security TV comes hot on the heels of multiple series which yBC has launched as part of the ReThink suite of shows. The individual series covered by ReThink include ReThink: Tech, ReThink: Regenerate and ReThink: Recover. yBC’s editorial series have received consistently high praise, and uptake has been excellent.

If you would like further information, please contact us.