Review: From Vision to Exit by Guy Rigby

Just prior to Christmas, we did a shoot in London for a channel we’re about to launch.  One of the experts I interviewed was a chap by the name of Guy Rigby, who knows more than a thing or two about entrepreneurs and success.  Himself a very successful entrepreneur, Guy Rigby is now Head of Entrepreneurs at Smith and Williamson.  He leads the team which advises serious entrepreneurs looking to grow (and eventually sell) their business.  You’ll see him speaking at (or participating in) most key entrepreneurial events, and he is well published.

Guy Rigby recently published a book From Vision to Exit.  I pre-ordered a copy, and when it arrived I was amazed at the long list of very recognisable entrepreneurs, authors and commentators who have lined up to endorse the book.  But having read much of the book, I am not surprised.

You can order a copy of From Vision to Exit at Amazon here.