Researchers and IT leaders gather to discuss disruptive technology

CSC’s Leading Edge Forum is hosting another Executive Forum for business and IT leaders in London.

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Later this week CIOs and Senior Business Leaders will attend the one day conference ‘Digital Leadership for an Era of Disruptive Change’ to prepare themselves for the future of business. This event will focus on how disruptive technology and scientific breakthroughs are irreversibly altering the business world.

The conference will give business leaders insight into these changes, offer attendees ‘hands on’ experience with the latest disruptive technology and tools, and speakers will share invaluable advice on how executives can embrace these changes and lead their business to success in our digital economy.

Speakers include René Carayol, Business Guri and author of Corporate Voodoo, who will be sharing his leadership advice. And Peter Cochrane, former chief scientist of BT, who will discuss the scientific breakthroughs that are disrupting business.

As well as these inspiring keynote speakers members of CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF) will be making presentations. Mark Zawacki, Research Associate, will speak on Silicon Valley ecosystems, and David Moscella, Research Director, will present LEF’s latest research on disruption and digital leadership.

yBC is attending the conference to conduct interviews with most of the speakers and some of the attendees about disruptive technology and the surrounding issues. We were at a similar LEF conference in Washington in May and are once again looking forward to a great day of high calibre of presentations and interviews.