Following the success of Brilliant Minds, ReThink brings you shows highlighting the best ideas from other industries, which you can immediately apply to your business.

It’s trite to say we live in a time of huge political, technological and social change. But after the hype has died down, how should business react in a way that drives actual value? As Mark Sinclair, Harvey Thorneycroft and six other leading Brilliant Minds experts explained in a recent TV briefing, the key is to look outside your industry for innovation.

What is proven to work?

There are lots of clever people out there. Now ReThink will bring many of them together, so that their unique viewpoints are all in one place for you to pick out ideas that make sense for your business. This is like Ted, but for implementable business, leadership and performance techniques.

yBC has executed this before in the UK around topics of leadership & performance (Brilliant Minds), with over 1100 interviews featuring influential personalities like Lord Sebastian Coe, Sir Richard Branson,  David Coulthard and Sir Clive Woodward.

Now we are entering new territory.

The organisations who are setting the global trends are brands like Netflix, Garmin, Nike, Apple and so on … we all know who they are.

The point is, in business you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Now days it is more about adapting multiple innovations from the wider business world as they emerge. You can be like a chef, taking various ingredients to concoct a new recipe.

Bottom line… ReThink helps you pick out the best ideas that the market leaders use, and deploy them in your own industry – fast.

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