ROI guarantee goes to the heart of the matter

Are you a marketer or business leader who’s sitting on the fence about social media? Engaged but not investing? I’ve got a challenge for you.

What if were prepared to guarantee positive ROI for all significant editorial and 1:1 marketing campaigns you do with us? Would that help?

At we’ve been having some great conversations with some of the world’s leading brands. Smart people (obviously). They accept the evidence stacks up, but unfortunately in tough economic times risk is out of fashion. And new marketing approaches fall into the risky category.

Our positive ROI guarantee means there’s no way our clients will be out of pocket at the end of a significant project with us. With risk out of the equation, it’s no longer a question of “will it work?”. Instead you can focus on “how well will it work?”

It’s a much more appealing proposition. And if you’re someone who’s been following the global trend to social media but wondering if it will work for you, you might not get a better opportunity.

If you want to find out more about our positive ROI guarantee, check out our FAQ page here or, get in touch with us.