Challenger brand going head to head with big names in global consultancy

Horwath HTL is a global consultancy in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector, with consultants all over the globe advising boards and investors as they seek growth in the sector. We’ve worked with the Horwath HTL team for well over a decade, having already built three iterations of their online presence for the business. In
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Disruptive thinking in Washington DC

Thought leaders from the leading edge present CIO’s with sharp thinking on business disruption and technology. CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF) held its latest executive forum ‘Building your Firm from the Outside-In’ in Washington DC this month. Sixty of the top CIOs in the US sat together within view of the White House to hear
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Video training platform to help you go well at work

The team at yBC is very pleased to confirm the launch of a video training platform to help people improve their state of health. Launched in conjunction with Harley Street nutritionist and author of five books on the subject, Kate Cook, the platform primarily focuses on helping people to maintain a healthier lifestyle, so that they
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Totally Linkedin elearning platform_

Online LinkedIn training launched this month

The team at yBC has worked together with the UK’s leading LinkedIn trainer, James Potter (aka the Linked In Man) to develop an online LinkedIn training platform. Totally Linked helps organisations to deliver consistent, results focused, measurable LinkedIn training right across their business. The online LinkedIn training platform has been developed especially to help businesses with a
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Online business TV and the transformation of business development strategy

Online business tv is changing business development strategy in the way businesses generate demand and nurture new prospects.

Advanced data analytics amidst the Cambrian Explosion of data

Advanced data analytics is set to drive the way we navigate this world of digital transformation. The Big Data explosion is comparable to the Cambrian Explosion, which resulted in the creation of all life on earth. Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google in Think Quarterly pointed out that ‘between the dawn of civilisation and 2003,
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Does Effective Decision Support require both Wisdom and Experience?

Human decision making is based on experience and judgement. Experience itself comprises memories, of which there are several different types: Semantic, episodic, motor and procedural memories are defined by psychologists as different capacities of a human brain. Some memories have to be consciously ‘dug out’, whereas others are almost innate –for example riding a bicycle.
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Business TV channels go online: Where are you?

yourBusinessChannel explores the birth of internet video and how business TV channels are becoming much more prevalent in marketing.

Business development through digital disruption

The way companies and professionals undertake business development and prospecting for new clients is changing. For those in a B2C environment there is a major technological and demographic shift to adapt to. When it comes to professionals, and those in a B2B environment, the way we go about business development is being transformed by the
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New Opportunities In New Information Flows

With so many conversations going on in social networks and on blogs companies are having a hard time keeping up with the new information flows. Doing this will become key to using big data tools effectively, and marketing to your customers better than the competition. We have three experts in the changing nature of information
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