Researchers and IT leaders gather to discuss disruptive technology

CSC’s Leading Edge Forum is hosting another Executive Forum for business and IT leaders in London. Later this week CIOs and Senior Business Leaders will attend the one day conference ‘Digital Leadership for an Era of Disruptive Change’ to prepare themselves for the future of business. This event will focus on how disruptive technology and
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Online engagement strategies Budapest

Online engagement strategies presented in Budapest

yBC’s Mark Sinclair was invited to share online engagement strategies with a keen audience in Budapest last week. The presentation took place on the second day of a mining industry conference, which brought together hundreds of key executives from global mining companies, along with executives from some of the biggest consumers of the minerals they
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WordPress Facts: The Little Code That Spurred Self-publishing

WordPress is already on the CMS Hall of Fame. It proved itself as a system that individual bloggers, small businesses, and large businesses love unconditionally — no one saw it coming then, everyone loves it now. WordPress is ubiquitous, almost. Here’s some wordpress facts, short introduction, history, some information about the use and popularity of
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Redefining Data Analytics in a Brave New World

Data analytics has come a long way. Though there is still a long journey ahead, we can now see the road. In this video blog, Big Data Analytics expert Manny Aparicio of Saffron Technology explains why the old approaches to standardisation and business intelligence no longer work. Instead we need data analytics tools that work
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Big data analytics, Moneyball, MIT and corporate treasure

Moneyball is not a lesson in statistics but a lesson in Business Intelligence. Could Big Data analytics be Moneyball 2.0?

Kony 2012: A story is catapulted into our attention

With 100 million views in 6 days, a video released recently is seeing exponential growth in views. Consequently awareness is increasing and action is being taken from those watching. It’s very well produced, hard-hitting, thought-provoking and gives immediate impact. As the narrator says, “there are more people on Facebook now than there was on the
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Social media study 2012: brand websites losing out to social

Global media powerhouse Universal McCann have been undertaking and publishing a major international social media study 2012 documenting web behaviours, preferences and trends over the last few years.  We’ve shared the results of previous iterations of the social media study which have highlighted things like the meteoric rise of social media and that video is
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The content marketing explosion [Infographic]

The very talented team at BlueGlass created an infographic this month which pulls together some of the most up-to-date and salient facts, data and trends in content marketing.  If you need to get your head around what is happening in this area (which of course we all do), just take a look at this great
read more Chris Brogan advocates use of video in business

Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works, recently was interviewed by and spoke about the interesting things coming out of video and the brand experiences that can be developed in simply engaging with video. Find the link to the interview here If you’ve not ever heard of Chris Brogan, he is an authority
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Leading industry analyst: spend more on engaging video, less on print, advertising, PR

There is certainly no lack of evidence and analysis which points to content and publishing, and particularly engaging video, as crucially important in the marketing mix in 2012.  In fact, many commentators are saying that brands must “be a publisher” to stand out and even to grow, and that engaging video is key to this.
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