Digital Sales Collateral


Infographics are a simple way to display large volumes of data or complex information in a small space.  Using tailored visuals you can reduce the word count and increase the impact of the information you are sharing.  Infographics are designed to be compatible with your businesses’ branding and increase engagement with your audience.  For a consistent brand image, the design used in your infographics can be used within our other formats – eg animated videos, newsletters, digital white papers, microsites and websites.


  • Designed by infographics specialists for highest impact and best engagement.
  • Cohesive way to display complex information or high volumes of information in formats which help people to comprehend information fast.
  • A visually appealing means to reducing word count.
  • Infographics can be produced in a huge range of styles.
  • Minimum impact on your internal resources – this is managed end-to-end by our team.
  • With digital infographics, responsive design and platform: optimised for all devices including smartphones.
  • With digital infographics, excellent underlying analytics.