Researchers and IT leaders gather to discuss disruptive technology

CSC’s Leading Edge Forum is hosting another Executive Forum for business and IT leaders in London. Later this week CIOs and Senior Business Leaders will attend the one day conference ‘Digital Leadership for an Era of Disruptive Change’ to prepare themselves for the future of business. This event will focus on how disruptive technology and
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Video follow buttons and inline Twitter plays added to business tv platform

Business TV platform deploys new Twitter integrations for follow and inline viewing

Redefining Data Analytics in a Brave New World

Data analytics has come a long way. Though there is still a long journey ahead, we can now see the road. In this video blog, Big Data Analytics expert Manny Aparicio of Saffron Technology explains why the old approaches to standardisation and business intelligence no longer work. Instead we need data analytics tools that work
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Big data analytics, Moneyball, MIT and corporate treasure

Moneyball is not a lesson in statistics but a lesson in Business Intelligence. Could Big Data analytics be Moneyball 2.0?

Lessons on business from footballers

Footballers, at the top of their game, are not individuals – they are business marketing machines. Businesses turning over millions of pounds a year, with a large team creating value across many areas of interest; music, fashion, stationery, social media etc. Top footballers, it could be said, are similarly placed to CEOs of organisations. They
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Leading industry analyst: spend more on engaging video, less on print, advertising, PR

There is certainly no lack of evidence and analysis which points to content and publishing, and particularly engaging video, as crucially important in the marketing mix in 2012.  In fact, many commentators are saying that brands must “be a publisher” to stand out and even to grow, and that engaging video is key to this.
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Entrepreneurs – here’s one for the diary!

If you are on the lookout for entrepreneurial advice, guidance or inspiration, then mark next Tuesday in your diary.  Imagine having the chance to hear from Julie Meyer (Founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital), Martha Lane Fox (UK Digital Champion and founder of, Paul Lindley (Founder, Ella’s Kitchen) and a dozen other successful entrepreneurs.
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Big Data + Energy Challenges bring new business TV focus

Since December yBC has conducted three new interviews which take our Business Intelligence focus in to the Energy Space. First we spoke with Sammy Haroon, adviser to our client Saffron Technology and the Organiser of the GE Energy Innovation Summit (video below). We are working with Sammy to create shows about how data can be
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Star studded cast discusses how Artificial Intelligence can save the markets (and our jobs)

Once the stuff of science fiction, top experts like Dr Paul Hofmann believes that AI can help companies to be clever like Amazon or Apple – even if you only sell toothpaste

All aboard the “entrepreneur train”

Julie Meyer is an entrepreneur whose reputation precedes her.  Incredibly successful by anyone’s standards (just google her), Julie heads up a vibrant and results-focused business which is literally changing the playing field for smart technology companies in the UK and further afield. She has a refreshingly unique perspective on the way entrepreneurs can get ahead. 
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