When “business as usual” no longer works … ReThink Launch Show

Over the last 10 years, we’ve produced 100s of editorial style tv shows exploring the worlds of finance, high performance, business and tech. Now our new series yBC ReThink features people who are leaping ahead of their peers, forging new pathways for the industry they are in, or even for all industries. ReThink helps their
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yBC symposium to elevate the conversation around important issues

yBC.tv has announced a limited series of 12 carefully produced, TV-quality virtual roundtable shows featuring leading thinkers discussing “topics that matter the most”. Following the yBC Symposium format, the shows will feature up to eight world class experts discussing “hot topics” which have a very high level of interest and relevance. yBC’s CEO, Mark Sinclair,
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‘Prometheus’ style holographic production for Tech explainer

When you need to explain highly technical concepts in the real world, it can be difficult to bring to life in an explainer video. Holographs are a great way to introduce virtual objects and ideas into real world scenes to assist storytelling. This technique has been used in Hollywood for a while (remember the “Ted
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Actress interacts with virtual objects on set - the animated graphics she manipulates are added in post production.
Can asset managers save the world

Can investors fix the world? And why is it taking so long?

In a recent interview with London Financial media, Michael Sieg, CEO of ThomasLLoyd and pioneer of renewable energy investing in Asia, stated that investing in European renewables is like “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”. The climate battle will be won in countries like India and China but ” … the good part of the
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Bulk Animation Product explains AXA World Funds

“What’s possible” with animation is continuing to evolve, but the latest super creative explainer can be expensive and slow to deliver, when your story telling needs are broad and immediate. So we’ve invented a media-style approach to create animated content in bulk – so that clients can rapidly feed and develop their audience. By investing
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London Stock Exchange Group logo

London Stock Exchange Launch Video for ThomasLLoyd

When launching their Energy Impact Trust on the London Stock Exchange, Swiss Investment firm ThomasLloyd needed more than a hero video. As a smaller, exciting player in a world of big institutional elephants, this was an opportunity to communicate their brand purpose to the investment community at large … and for a vital goal. ThomasLloyd
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Can Investors ‘Fix the World?’ New series takes an in-depth look

With over 100 trillion US dollars of Assets under management globally, Asset Managers control more levers for change than any other industry… can they “Fix the world”? Our new series trailer has dropped … Asset managers have a lot of power to direct investment towards the innovative tech, the ideas and the people that can
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Making an impact in Vienna

When Zurich based client ThomasLloyd Group told us they wanted to make a splash in Vienna, we started work on an urgent project to help them with a digital exhibition presence and a next level speaker presentation. We can’t share the presentation publicly, but the visuals for the exhibition are below. We decided to go
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New Security TV series launches

The yBC team is thrilled to announce the launch of Security TV. The series focuses on latest trends and challenges facing businesses as we emerge from a global pandemic and get back to business. The first six episodes feature experts in access automation, physical security, digital security and keeping people safe. These will be released
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Cracking the code for the security industry

When Australian client Torus asked us to help explain their market leading security product to new prospects in the United States, we had one word in mind: video. After spending time to understand the ins and outs of their clever security product, we set to it – coming up with a video concept, a script
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